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Mike Simmons

1-Star Junior Instructor

Expect a lot, Accept a little, Reward often.

Mike with PJ on "balance beam" at the Parelli Ranch

PJ walking on a "balance beam" when we were at the Parelli Ranch in Pagosa Springs

PJ napping in green grass with Mike sitting by PJ's head rubbing PJ's neck.

PJ napping after breakfast on day 4 of a 5-day Carol Coppinger Camp.  It's been a rough 3 days!

The Parelli Professional's Promise

Mike in his Panama hat!

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Relationship First

I promise to put my relationship with you, my student, first.  And I promise to help you put the relationship with your horse first. Rather than perfecting the task we will care more about confidence, trust, motivation and willingness … as true horsemen do.

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Foundation Before Specialization

I promise to help you become well-rounded in your savvy both on the ground and riding, within my skill set and licensing; to prepare you for success at every level - to read your horse, understand his Horsenality and develop your savvy skills On Line, at Liberty, in Freestyle and Finesse.

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Never-Ending Self-Improvement

I promise to inspire and support your quest for never ending self-improvement. The Parelli Pathway will guide you to success and help you measure your progress every step of the way.

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